Successful psychotherapy is only possible if the client is able to calm down; 
Therefore, the following applies to me:

After a detailed anamnesis and de-escalation as well as intensive and constantly updated saluto- and pathogenesis, the first sub-disciplines of thought management © according to Norbert Stolze begin to be learned in the very first sessions

At the same time, the causes are worked on. Because no "psychological peculiarity" falls from the sky - we can all agree on that. That's as clear as the fact that dung heaps can't fly
 - right? ;-)

It's also a fact that we can't simply dispose of every stressor, eliminate / make every trigger disappear; but we don't have to remain passive and wait for the tsunami wave to hit us and toss us around. Nor do we have to wait like a fighter in the ring for the opponent to catch us and force us to the ground. NO. Confrontation and exposure is also often contraindicated (out of place or even harmful), especially if the client is suffering from acute symptoms.

In my thought management training sessions, the client already learns how to proactively surf the "wave" (= the negative energy). Like a judoka, the client is taught how to deflect the negative energy that is coming towards him/her and even transform it into positive energy for him/herself. It's even fun!

The experience I have gained in my own practice from many hundreds of cases, mainly in the field of neuroses (especially compulsions, fears, obsessive thoughts, phobias and hypochondria) has resulted in a unique system that is second to none. The successes are - of course depending on the compliance in the TEAM (client and therapist) - often phenomenal and are usually already apparent in the first sessions.

Components of Thought Management © according to Norbert Stolze include

Specially selected individually tailored methods > from the fields of NLP, PMR according to Jacobson, hypnotherapy according to Milton Erickson, kVT, bodywork, association splitting, EMDR, shamanism, systemic therapy, TCM, energy work, talk therapy nor Rogers, defensive martial arts, LMA, visualization, acupressure and the latest methods from international research, which I am always following or actively involved in (such as the ECS system, our body's own system, which can have a relaxing effect like a drug. 

We ourselves can control this little-known but much-researched ECS system and influence it in a positive direction for us and our WELLNESS, RESILIENCE and SATISFACTION - if we know how, then fear, compulsion, hypochondria and obsessive thoughts etc. hardly stand a chance! I will show you the way to freedom! 
Free from your unloved "lodger" ;-)

I look forward to hearing from you; just get in touch

With kind regards from the North Sea 

N O R B E R T  S T O L Z E  M.A.
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P s y c h o l o g i c a l p r o c e s s   H Y P N O S E T H E R A P I E    

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